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From Little Bugs Market Forum on Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai winter"


My boy gets bad rashes around his mouth... And le licks them just gets worse. We just put Bebebalm all around it and i...

Philippines 菲律宾


I was introduced to Bebebalm and Bebebugs by my best friend Joanna who's currently pregnant too. She learned that I'm also having itchy skin due to pregnancy hormones. I'm on my 3rd pr...

Elle China is always on the look out for the new awesome things. So imagine our surprise and joy when they featured both Bebebalm and Bebebugs! This is great news. ElleChina.com,  the digital pla...


I had couple of insect bites that itch really bad and swells. I used all kind of creams but didnt work. I only had to use your product (Bebebugs) once, and all the swelling and itch stopped.


Great pr...



I’ve only started using Bebebalm and I think it really does the job of moisturizing the skin! Tried other products such as Bio Oil, Cocoa butter and other creams but it leaves the skin dry after a f...

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