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There are many Eczema triggers. You can't avoid them all. The key is to find what are your personal triggers, and avoid those. 



Do not scratch. It triggers histamine production in your body...

There are many kinds of eczema, the most common ones are Atopic Dermatitis (caused by genetics). And Contact Dermatitis (caused by touching an allergen or something your skin is sensitive to). 






Did you know? Bebebugs works on itchy food allergy. It was a lifesaver during our Europe trip last Christmas.

My friend had an allergic reaction from prawns, red itchy rashes puffed all ov...


USA March 13, 2014

My son had a severe eczema break-out at 12 months. We took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and prescribed steroids. His skin cleared but we did not want...




I find this an excellent product for sensitive skin. We’ve used it on dry lips and nappy rash and it has worked well for both. I use cloth nappies and it does not seem to have caused any p...

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