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Our first time to livestream on Taobao, China's largest ecommerce site.

From Little Bugs Market Forum on Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai winter"


My boy gets bad rashes around his mouth... And le licks them just gets worse. We just put Bebebalm all around it and i...

From Little Bugz Market Forum in Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai Winter"


Do try Bebebugs and Bebebalm. We started using this summer, my boy is now 3.5 yrs old. I have seen good results with i...

From a mom forum on Wechat, February 2, 2016:

My daughter has had weeping eczema since she was 5 weeks. We have tried loads of creams from Germany, US, including various homeopathic remedies and creams...

This article first came out in ShanghaiMamas.org on January 5, 2016

"Every month we present to you, No-Nonsense Mommy Tips by Columnist Carol Ong who touches everyday parenting dilemmas that we all fac...

CRI interviews founder Carol Ong on how they've started the business. 


Listen to the full radio interview at http://filipino.china.com/filipinos/shanghai/694/20141211/229986.html


Necessity is the moth...

Cradle cap irritates moms more than it does kids, I think. It looks like baby dandruff which just bugs me to bits. Once day, I thought, if Bebebalm and Bebebugs are great for eczema and extremely dry...

Read full review at http://bambiibarcelona.com/review-bebebalm/

Bambi Barcelona, make up artist at large, torture tested the toughest eye liners and masscaras and discovered how Bebebalm wipes them off...

I didn't realize how much I heart drugs until I got pregnant. When I was pregnant or breastfeeding, 

I couldn't take even the simplest medicines that we take for granted, such as something for a headac...

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