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Every woman -- and creative -- must have Shit Money. Short for Shit-I'm-Outta-Here-Money. It's your fund ot freedom. Here are ways to save up on any income.

Our first time to livestream on Taobao, China's largest ecommerce site.

Bebebugs heals the burnt quickly. I burnt myself yesterday. My finger got burnt, by high temperature stone this afternoon. 


-Lu Min

Organic Cloth Diaper designer

Shanghai, China

From Little Bugs Market Forum on Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai winter"


My boy gets bad rashes around his mouth... And le licks them just gets worse. We just put Bebebalm all around it and i...

From Little Bugz Market Forum in Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai Winter"


Do try Bebebugs and Bebebalm. We started using this summer, my boy is now 3.5 yrs old. I have seen good results with i...


Dear Bebebalm team, 

I hope that you are well. I just came across something on the internet that was a little worrying and I was hoping that you could comment. I was looking up Neem oil and its uses f...

CRI interviews founder Carol Ong on how they've started the business. 


Listen to the full radio interview at http://filipino.china.com/filipinos/shanghai/694/20141211/229986.html


Necessity is the moth...

Shanghai has the biggest, meanest, mutant-class mosquitoes I've ever seen. I was worried that my baby would have to suffer their itchy monster itchy bites. I wished there was a moisturizer that will h...

Cradle cap irritates moms more than it does kids, I think. It looks like baby dandruff which just bugs me to bits. Once day, I thought, if Bebebalm and Bebebugs are great for eczema and extremely dry...


Premiere wedding magazine Wedding Essentials featured both Bebebalm and Bebebugs in their July 2015 issue. They recommended these for beauty and honeymoon emergencies.


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