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I watched World War Z just recently (two babies = major movie backlog). Scary to say, there's really something nowadays that turns healthy adults into zombies.... their baby's Diaper Rash!

A nasty diap...

Solve diaper rash due to diarrhea quickly and naturally

London, UK 

I am not writing this review because I am friends with the lady behind Bebebalm. I am writing this review because Bebebalm works, it really does.

My 1 year old son had a bum rash for a few d...

“After 2 months of consistent use, Johnny’s persistent diaper rash is gone for good. It’s never come back  you’re a genius!”

- Stef Kramer, Speech Pathologist


My 3 week old newborn had a major diaper rash after suffering from diarrhea. We've used other emollients prescribed by a local pediatrician but they didn't help much. Another doctor recommended Bebeba...

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