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From Little Bugs Market Forum on Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai winter"


My boy gets bad rashes around his mouth... And le licks them just gets worse. We just put Bebebalm all around it and i...

From Little Bugz Market Forum in Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai Winter"


Do try Bebebugs and Bebebalm. We started using this summer, my boy is now 3.5 yrs old. I have seen good results with i...

From a mom forum on Wechat, February 2, 2016:

My daughter has had weeping eczema since she was 5 weeks. We have tried loads of creams from Germany, US, including various homeopathic remedies and creams...

This article first came out in ShanghaiMamas.org on January 5, 2016

"Every month we present to you, No-Nonsense Mommy Tips by Columnist Carol Ong who touches everyday parenting dilemmas that we all fac...

Cradle cap irritates moms more than it does kids, I think. It looks like baby dandruff which just bugs me to bits. Once day, I thought, if Bebebalm and Bebebugs are great for eczema and extremely dry...


The zombie invasion happens to our faces every winter. The skin on our faces-as well as other exposed parts- get really dry and rough.  Sometimes it gets flaky, scaly patches and blemishes. For some...

Have you ever had a mystery rash? A minor rash (but majorly irritating to touch or to look at) the doctor brushed off as something that will go away by itself, but somehow it never does? You've watche...

Stop scratching!


It sometimes takes Jedi-force to keep yourself from scratching the itch. But do it you must. "The more you scratch the more itchy it becomes, " advised Dr. Michael Ong, a doctor of Fa...



Colorado, USA 

My baby constantly sucks on her lips and it has caused dryness on her upper chin. Only with a few applications of Bebebalm, it was healed and never came back. I also use it on my dry s...



Shanghai, China  

宝宝因为太胖,脖子里捂着不透气,除了很严重的湿疹.  两侧耳朵周围皮肤严重干燥,有蜕皮.用了很多产品,效果不理想,很慢.宝宝晚上睡觉会用手抓,还是很痒.自从用了Bebebalm 倍蓓棒护肤品,皮肤干燥明显改善.脖子用Bebebugs 倍蓓保护肤品很止痒用了三天就好了.推荐!  


-钱颖 Joyce Qian


Translation: Because of to...

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