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From Little Bugs Market Forum on Wechat, on the topic "Eczema in Shanghai winter"


My boy gets bad rashes around his mouth... And le licks them just gets worse. We just put Bebebalm all around it and i...

Read full review at http://bambiibarcelona.com/review-bebebalm/

Bambi Barcelona, make up artist at large, torture tested the toughest eye liners and masscaras and discovered how Bebebalm wipes them off...


Premiere wedding magazine Wedding Essentials featured both Bebebalm and Bebebugs in their July 2015 issue. They recommended these for beauty and honeymoon emergencies.



The zombie invasion happens to our faces every winter. The skin on our faces-as well as other exposed parts- get really dry and rough.  Sometimes it gets flaky, scaly patches and blemishes. For some...

Have you ever had a mystery rash? A minor rash (but majorly irritating to touch or to look at) the doctor brushed off as something that will go away by itself, but somehow it never does? You've watche...


So a big pimple came uninvited and overstayed its welcome. Sometimes it stays for weeks, or months!  Don't you wish you can draw them out, and beat them til they ask for mercy, in the style of Liam N...


I used Bebebugs to a pimple that threatened to give me Rudolph's red nose. I applied it twice a day - after I washed my face in the morning, and just before I sleep at night. After just four days, th...

Philippines, 菲律宾



I've been using Bebebalm stick to groom and tame my brows everyday. Brows look more polished and sleek, framing my face better.  After some time, I noticed my brow hairs growing thic...


Philippines 菲律宾


I started using Bebebalm on my face and lips last night. Superb! Non-greasy feel and skin is soft You have perfected the formula! .


-Dr. Jesusa Barcelona-Tan





Philippines, 菲律宾


I did a side by side test among my favorite make up removers. I discovered Bebebalm is the best eye and face make up remover. Even the toughest eyeliner wipes off easily. And my fac...

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