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Premiere wedding magazine Wedding Essentials featured both Bebebalm and Bebebugs in their July 2015 issue. They recommended these for beauty and honeymoon emergencies.


Originally published in Shanghaimamas.org on June 24, 2015


(Here’s what our No Nonsense Mommy, Carol has to say on summer’s menace. -SHMAMAS ED)

I’ve never encountered mosquitoes as big nor as vicious...

Stop scratching!


It sometimes takes Jedi-force to keep yourself from scratching the itch. But do it you must. "The more you scratch the more itchy it becomes, " advised Dr. Michael Ong, a doctor of Fa...

Shanghai, China October 14, 2014


宝宝一晚上被蚊子咬了13个包 整条小腿几乎都肿 用了邻居推荐的bebebugs 很快就消肿了


Translation: My baby got 13 mosquito bites in one night, almost his entire legs were swollen. A neighbor recommended...

Elle China featured both Bebebugs and Bebebalm today! This is a such lovely endorsement. We are a small start up so it's quite surreal to be featured by one of China's top Fashion and Beauty sites. Th...



London, United Kingdom


Bebebugs really helped during the summer with some spider bites – they were huge and really itchy , but the Bebebugs really calmed them down and stopped them from swelling too...

Guangzhou China


Translation: “At 3:30AM I discovered unknown insect bites on my son’s face, he won’t let me touch the affected area maybe it was painful. 7:30AM the nanny applied BEBEBUGS once. 8:30AM...



Bebebalm and Bebebugs are great products for both adults and children. I apply them on mosquito bites, dry skin and even on my son’s chicken pox. I highly recommend these products as these use only...


There are many theories why some people attract more insects than others. Some say mosquitoes prefer certain blood types. Some say they're attracted to warmer bodies. Or to children. Or to certain sc...

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