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Bebebugs heals the burnt quickly. I burnt myself yesterday. My finger got burnt, by high temperature stone this afternoon. 


-Lu Min

Organic Cloth Diaper designer

Shanghai, China

Originally published in Shanghaimamas.org on June 24, 2015


(Here’s what our No Nonsense Mommy, Carol has to say on summer’s menace. -SHMAMAS ED)

I’ve never encountered mosquitoes as big nor as vicious...

Solve diaper rash due to diarrhea quickly and naturally

London, UK 

I am not writing this review because I am friends with the lady behind Bebebalm. I am writing this review because Bebebalm works, it really does.

My 1 year old son had a bum rash for a few d...

Guangzhou China


Translation: “At 3:30AM I discovered unknown insect bites on my son’s face, he won’t let me touch the affected area maybe it was painful. 7:30AM the nanny applied BEBEBUGS once. 8:30AM...


Singapore, Singapore   July 16, 2013  8:38pm

We’ve been putting Bebebugs every evening when we go for our stroll. So far I can’t tell if the Bebebugs works but I think so as no bites. But the Beb...


Translation: I just got this Bebebalm, I was attracted to the scent, a very fresh scent of coconut oil, it kind of feels like you can eat it, much like a delicious butterscotch. Because of the small...

My 3 week old newborn had a major diaper rash after suffering from diarrhea. We've used other emollients prescribed by a local pediatrician but they didn't help much. Another doctor recommended Bebeba...

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