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Everything seems to be disposable these days, including relationships. I wish our kids to realize that fixing things can make it more beautiful than it originally was...

“I wish I did more things I wanted when I still could've. And wore my best clothes before I couldn't." A Shanghainese grandma told me this while we're waiting..

“Forgive your brother 7x77 times," this was taught to us in religion class as children, but I didn't agree. I was more of a "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" type of mindset. Bu...

The moral of the story of Goldilocks, according to a 4 year old

I asked my 4 year old to give me a word that starts with the letter F. He said "Fu-k!" and he knew how to say it in Chinese too....

Primary school is big adjustment not just for the kid, but for everyone in the household. What would you do if your child screams at you?

In life, some believe there are seasons for sowing and seasons for harvesting. I believe we can sow and harvest at the same time. Just not on the same places.

Every woman -- and creative -- must have Shit Money. Short for Shit-I'm-Outta-Here-Money. It's your fund ot freedom. Here are ways to save up on any income.

My sister gave my 4 year old an English grammar book and the first page was about assessing the child's vocabulary. One entry was to enumerate the days of the week in order.

Me: Tell me the days of the...

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