我是用来给头发“吃“的(I used it as a hair food)

我觉得这一款油本身非常滋润,完全可以用来涂抹身体。 不过我是用来给头发“吃“的,因为我的头发总是干干的蓬蓬的。 我每天早上出门前,蘸取少许,用掌心揉开,然后涂抹在蓬起的头发上。 头发迅速”听话“,变得柔顺而且有光泽。而且可以保持很久。 我非常喜欢这款油,味道也很舒服,因为是天然的原料。

-Michelle Wu

Translation: I think this is a very nourishing cream in itself, it can be used to slather on the body. But I used it as a hair “food”, because my hair is always dry as a puff. When I go out the door every morning, I dip a little a little of this, rub it between my palms then apply on my hair. Hair quickly becomes “obedient”, becomes supple and shiny. And maintains this way for a long time. I really like this cream, the scent is soothing, because it is all natural.


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