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The itchy blistery rash on my fingers are gone the next day

Translation: I just got this Bebebalm, I was attracted to the scent, a very fresh scent of coconut oil, it kind of feels like you can eat it, much like a delicious butterscotch. Because of the small package similar to a lipstick, it is easy to apply on various body parts by swiping a small, more defined line. Because of the recent Shanghai rainy season, my fingers developed some small blistery rash, very itchy, I couldn’t help but keep scratching. So I tried swiping a bit of Bebebalm. After about an hour I applied it again. After this I completely forgot about the itch. Originally I thought probably the itching was relieved after I applied the balm, but the next day I saw that the small blistery rash actually flattened quite a bit. So for my little blistery rash, this product is helpful. Right now the weather is very humid, as long as I immediately apply on my blisters, they will not itch nor bother me anymore.

Zizi Shi, Graphic Designer

(editor's note: Dishydrosis Eczema is the blistery rash on fingers)

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