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The dryness on my baby’s upper chin healed and never came back.

Colorado, USA

My baby constantly sucks on her lips and it has caused dryness on her upper chin. Only with a few applications of Bebebalm, it was healed and never came back. I also use it on my dry skin due to harsh winter here in the mountains and it works so well. Plus, I’ve always loved the smell of coconut oil! Thanks to Stef Kramer for recommending this product

– Mitzi Loss

翻译:我的宝宝经常吮吸她的嘴唇而造成干涩。她的下巴上,只涂上Bebebalm倍蓓棒护肤品就全好了,再没有发红过。由于这里山上严冬,我也在我干燥的皮肤涂过,也蛮有效。另外,我一直都很喜欢椰子油的味道!感谢Stef Kramer的推荐。

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