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Unclog stuffy nose without medicine

I didn't realize how much I heart drugs until I got pregnant. When I was pregnant or breastfeeding,

I couldn't take even the simplest medicines that we take for granted, such as something for a headache, muscle pain or stuffy nose. And I get stuffy nose a lot.

There are two causes of stuffy nose. Mucus. Or inflammation. The latter makes you feel there's mucus inside, which leads you to blow your nose harder. But the harder you blow, the more it swells, causing a vicious cycle. So don't blow too hard, especially when no mucus is coming out.

So I made an awesome natural remedy for stuffy nose. I've improved on the solution shared by an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. It is very good in melting deep seated, hard mucous hiding in the deepest crevices of your sinuses. It also opens up the passageway (if stuffiness is caused by inflammation) and disinfects your airways naturally.

Unstuffy nose recipe


I cup water

1 tablespoon salt

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Essential oil: Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, or Lavender


1. Boil one cup of water with salt and baking soda.

2. Take off from heat.

3. Optional: Add 3-5 drops of essential oil such as Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, or Lavender.* (If the clogged nose is caused by swelling, this helps reduce swelling to open up the nasal passageways).

4. Cover your eyes. Lower your head as close to the pot as you can tolerate; Inhale deeply. For 15 minutes. Feel that mucus softening up? Mmmm!

5. Blow your nose gently. If there's mucus, it will start melting and come out with gentle blows. Aaah! Doesn't that feel like heaven? Reboil the solution and repeat inhalation as needed.

6. The skin around your nostrils and upper lips could get raw, painful and very sensitive. Protect and soothe by dabbing Bebebalm around the area. Ahhh that's super relief!

(The skin in that area is so raw, even water may sting, so be very gentle.)

*Essential oils must be used with care. Use only 3-5 drops, don't overdose because it's not good. For kids 10 years old and below, avoid Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Use Lavender or Cedarwood instead. Breastfeeding moms must avoid Peppermint.

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