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I can't get over the fact how my baby just totally mellows out with Bebebalm on her weeping ecze

From a mom forum on Wechat, February 2, 2016:

My daughter has had weeping eczema since she was 5 weeks. We have tried loads of creams from Germany, US, including various homeopathic remedies and creams and they sting and irritated her skin. It would be a struggle every time to butter her up after bathes and before bed etc. Bebebalm is incredible. I was really wish we didn't wait so long to try it.

Gosh, I can't get over the fact how my daughter just totally mellows out when I massage Bebebalm on her. Normally she struggles and fights me through it. So crazy! Haha! Thumbs up.

I felt a little sheepish because I usually don't get so excited and brag about products but yours is really good! You deserve all the raves and reviews!


Shanghai, China

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