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ABSOLUT & Bebebalm Kiss with Pride

Updated: May 30, 2022

“YES!” This is my immediate reply when ABSOLUT Vodka China invited Bebebalm to collaborate again in 2021. We were to create a special gift for Pride Month.

At that time, we didn’t know who were the other collaborators for the ABSOLUT Pride Kit OMG! It introduces the new Pride bottle in collaboration with Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Pride flag. The collab box is from Levi’s, with an exclusive Pride shirt and goodies. And the limited edition Bebebalm rainbow balm.

LGBTQ friends are a big part of my life. They were my first bosses, who nurtured me and helped shape my career as a creative. They are workmates and buddies. They are wonderful fathers and mothers, to humans or to furry kids. They are loving couples. They are among the smartest, sassiest, wittiest, kindest, most inspiring , most supportive, and most generous people I have met.

The theme was Kiss with Pride. The task was to dress up Bebebalm in a rainbow label. But to do justice to the fab community, it’s got to have sass, pizzazz, and razzmatazz! What if we create a Pride Bebebalm in shimmering rainbow Pride flag colors?

Can it be done? We did countless experiments before we got it to fabulous. We wanted it to stay true to Bebebalm: super nourishing; made from Organic Virgin Coconut Oil enriched with wonder nutrient Monolaurin. We used natural mineral pigments for color (6 layers!) It’s sheer, giving skin a hint of glow but not get in the way of make up. The packaging was inspired by the neck of the Absolut bottle. Every piece is a labor of love.

Ta-Dah! The Absolut Kiss with Pride made of Bebebalm XL Nourishing Balm

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