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Feeling Sensitive in Spring? Moms‘ best skin care for dry, irritated, sensitive skin

Updated: Apr 9

Moms, while caring for your baby & family, 

remember to love yourself too.

As a mother, you’ve got to be strong yet soft. 

Yes, you can pursue your passion. 

Yes, you’ll figure out how to balance work and family, it just takes time.

The inner fears of being a first-time mother,

The ups and downs of our parenting journey,

The external stimulation of our bodies and seasons changing,

may cause skin sensitivity to get out of control.

Causing springtime skin sensitivity.

Get soothed, and your skin will be good to you too.

As the seasons change this spring, seize the moment to help your skin be as strong and soft as you.

You are super. 

You are enough. 

MOM TIPS! Here's are simple ways to care for mom's dry, easily irritated, sensitive skin

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