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Pro Secrets on Looking Great in Grad Pics

Congratulations Graduates! This milestone celebrates what you have accomplished so far. It also celebrates beautiful new beginnings. This will be one of the most photographed days in your life. The official photographer won't retouch each of your faces. How to look your best in the photos?

I am an advertising expert who's handled many beauty & fashion brands, and I used to be a beauty columnist in a national newspaper too. Models, photographers, and make up professionals have secrets on how to instantly look slimmer, more poised, have more glowing skin, and more secrets on looking great in photographs, whether a selfie or a group photo. I will share these secrets with you. Read on.

Find your best angle.

Everyone's got a best side. Study your face on the mirror, tilt your face in different angles. Practice different smiles, it will feel more natural and less awkward. Widen your eyes in different levels to find out what looks beautiful and what looks like you're in constant shock.

Smile with your mouth slightly open to make your face look thinner.

This is particularly good if you have wide cheeks or a round face. Opening your mouth slightly will elongate your face and stretch your skin.

Tilt your face & chin down, for a V-face and to soften a strong jaw.

If you have a small chin or an angular law, lowering your chin and tilting your head slightly to one side will make you more photogenic.

Chin up and beam a wide smile straight at the camera.

This will lessen the attention on a strong chin, and make a long, narrow face look wider.

Make double chin disappear. Extend your neck forward while facing the camera.

This may look a little weird from the side view, but from the camera point of view, your face shape will look more defined.

Prep your face for a pimple-free glow. Vanish flaky skin like magic.

Smooth, healthy skin is a great canvas for make up. Dry flakes get more obvious when wearing make up. Wish they're invisible? Moisturize with a thin layer of Bebebalm ByeSpots to prime skin before make up. For better results, prep your skin days or weeks before the big day. Try Bebebalm ByeSpots Skin Radiance as your face moisturizer every morning and night. It has Helichrysum (Immortelle), Frankincense, and Sandalwood, plants that naturally promote skin renewal and a traditionally aid for pimples & spots.

Face the official camera.

The group shots will have many photographers, which can be confusing on where to focus. If you want to look your best in the official photos, look and smile directly only at the official photographer's camera.

Wear waterproof mascara & smudge-proof make up.

There will be a lot of kissing, hugging, and perhaps some crying. Look good no matter what.

Stand tall. Suck in your belly. Relax your shoulders. Chest out.

A good posture will make you look more poised and graceful. Imagine there's an invisible string on your head that's pulling and stretching you up as high as you can. This secret will instantly help make you look more confident, slimmer, and stand out.


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