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Take Great Baby Passport

There are so many things a new parent must learn. Most of them are in countless baby books. But there’s one thing many of us need to do that we need to figure out by ourselves: taking the baby’s ID photo. Passport photos have specific rules, depending on your country. Generally, you need the head to be straight, even lighting and no shadows on face or background, eyes completely open, shoulders and ears visible. Check your country’s rules and photo template prior to the shoot.

We’ve asked moms for tips for a picture perfect baby ID.

For passport,I laid my baby on the bed with white sheets, held his hand an stood over him. Shot it on a bright day with lots of natural light. Then I cropped it to the proper size using PPT.

Claire Barton

One person did the shoot, while I held a toy next to the camera.


If you need to go take a photo at a booth, dress up in white and hold the baby to your chest.


White T-shirt on a car seat. Then crop the background and shadow.


I put a baby pillow under a white sheet so she was looking forward at the camera.


I set up a white sheet on the floor, then took a video of the baby lying down. You can take a single frame from the video when the baby eventually looks at the camera.


For the Residence Permit, put the baby in a stronger coloured outfit for better contrast against the background. The Public Security Bureau insisted on taking their own picture. For that, he sat higher on a stool, had 2 of us steadying him. I got his favorite rattle which caught his attention in the right direction.

Claire Barton

I used a white bed sheet and took a bunch of photos. Went to an ID photo store and got them to photoshop the background and change size to China and our country’s requirements.

Esme Berder

Blow a yellow or red balloon at the back of the photographer. Then snap!


Jiggle keys near the camera to get the baby to look that way.


Just take100 shots. One will be ok.


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