How useful is it to stock up on first aid kits & baby monitors if you don't know how to do proper first aid in an emergency?

That's why we organize private First Aid Classes in Shanghai, that covers more baby and child-related emergencies. It is taught by a medical doctor. We cover more than CPR, Heimlich maneuver and basic first aid. We also cover Common Illnesses, so you'll know when you should relax and when you need to rush to the hospital. We also give China-specific Emergency tips. And give you a Medical First Aid list for Babies, Kids, and Adults in both Chinese and English, so you can easily buy your meds in local pharmacies.

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First Aid for Babies, Kids & Adults *Eng/Chi Class

  • Price is 300RMB a person, if there are 10 or more participants in a class.

    Group of 10 or less, 3,000RMB
    11th person onwards, 300RMB each

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