Bebebalm was born out of love. And necessity. A mom was hell bent on finding natural solutions for her baby's very dry, irritated skin and rashes. Nothing was working, and the baby's dependence on steroids was making the flares worse. Bebebalm is a collaboration between the baby's crunchy mama, and his medical doctor-biochemist father.


From humble beginnings, Bebebalm is now focused on product innovations on skin health, first aid, and safety. Watch this space!



Carol Ong
Traditional Remedies Geek


Carol is a beauty and skin care geek. She is an advertising creative with over a decade’s experience in beauty, skin and hair care. She was also a beauty columnist in a national newspaper, and a beauty contributor in a leading wedding magazine in the Philippines. 


Her newborn's severe eczema lead her to formulate natural remedies. Her exposure to Philippine folk medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine since young proved invaluable. Herbal remedies has been her family’s first line of defense for discomforts; less side effects, they believe. 


Carol is also consistently listed as one of the Hottest Creatives in Asia by Campaign Brief Asia for almost a decade. She solves problems through uncanny creative solutions. She's  helped create the annual festival "Bacolaodiat" to foster understanding between Chinese & Filipinos in multicultural Bacolod City, Philippines. She helped create the world's first markerless Augmented Reality on mobile for WWF China, to make wildlife relevant to urban youth. She's currently pursuing ways to combine science and traditional herbs to provide effective yet gentle remedies for babies, kids, pregnant and breastfeeding mo ms

Dr. Jesusa Tan, MD
Dermatologist, International Fellow


Dr. Tan  is a well-decorated dermatologist, photodermatologist, and pharmacist with over 35 years of medical practice. She is also considered an expert in contact allergies, environmental and occupational dermatology, leprosy, acne, venereal and other skin diseases.


She is an International Fellow at the American Academy of Dermatology, a Lifetime Fellow at the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS), and a Fellow at the Philippine Leprosy Society.


She is a former Chair of the Department of Dermatology, and former Head of the Department of Photodermatology, at the Philippine Department of Health’s flagship hospital, Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center.


She’s a core member (and served in the board) of some of the leading dermatological, photodermatology, contact dermatitis, leprosy, Environmental and Occupational Dermatology societies. She’s also served as a member of the Board of Examiners, as well as the Board of Accreditation of the Philippine Dermatological Society.


Aside from being a teacher and consultant in several medical schools, Dr. Tan’s also a widely-published author in peer-review Dermatological journals and a speaker in medical conventions around the world.


She’s been granted scholarships in the study of Dermatology in the top universities in Vienna, Austria; in Seoul, South Korea; and in Manila, Philippines.

Dr. Michael Ong, MD

Family Medicine Doctor, Biochemist


Dr. Michael Ong, MD is a loving dad, a well-loved Medical Doctor specializing in Family Medicine, and a Biochemist. He has extensive experience in providing primary and secondary health care services in both public and private institutions.


He is also considered an expert in adult and child medical care, outpatient care, disease prevention, health education, evidence-based medicine, family counselling, proper diagnosis, and referrals.


He has a medical practice in China and in the Philippines. He has also practiced as a ship doctor in an American luxury liner.


My newborn was plagued with eczema so bad he’d scratch himself until he bled. No moisturizers we’ve tried worked well enough. This momma refused to accept that steroids is the only viable solution. Steroids thin out skin and make the next flare up rage worse. Topical steroids may also be absorbed into a baby’s bloodstream.


There must be other effective yet gentler solutions, to lessen the baby’s dependence to steroids.


This sparked my love affair with Mother Nature. I went back to my roots and actively pursued asian natural remedies, and studied western aromatherapy. I collaborated with my dermatologist aunt and my husband who's a medical doctor and biochemist. They provide the science.  I provide the natural alternative. We formulated a moisturizer for our baby, made from natural and gentle ingredients. This nutrient-rich balm worked wonders on my baby's eczema! We shared with moms and friends, they came raving for more. It worked so well on their babies' rashes and their own skin. We called the formula Bebebalm, in honor of my dermatologist aunt's nickname "Bebe". The word also means "Baby's Balm" since it was formulated for my baby.


My baby's sensitive skin, users feedback,  and our personal needs encourages us to continue researching on alternative, effective, gentler solutions based on natural time-honored remedies that are safe for babies, pregnant women, and breastfeeding moms like me. Through word of mouth, strangers find us and ask if they can order our balms. Why of course! Share the love! I so know the feeling of helplessness whenever my baby’s got itchies and ouchies, so I hope sharing these balms may bring relief to more babies, kids, and adults with sensitive skin.





PS. Do you have a dream product you wish were available? Such as an all-natural scar cream that doesn’t break the bank, a bruise eraser for rowdy kids, or a balm that instantly makes you look like Monica Bellucci? (okay, that would need some hallucinogens and we don’t do that, sorry.) Contact us and if we can do it, we’ll send you some.