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Bebebalm was born out of a mom's love & desperation.

A baby was born with very dry, irritated skin that's prone to rash. The dad's a doctor and a biochemist, the mom's geeky in traditional remedies. They combined their knowledge on Science + Nature to find awesome yet gentle solutions. To help skin get healthier and stronger.  


Bebebalm ByeDry & Bebebugs Sticks for travel, pocket, itch, dryness
Bebebalm Bebebreathe oil soothes stuffy nose, sore throat
PainRescue Move On balm and cream for aches, pains, soreness
UNDO surface stain eraser for pen, marker, sticker goo

PainRescue Hard Balm/Creme

Soothing Rub

UNDO Sprays

Plant-based Surface Stain Eraser


My 1 year old had a bum rash for days. After trying several products, we tried Bebebalm and literally the next day the rash was virtually gone.

It works. It works fast.

-Darius Karbassioun, UK

Bebebalm ByeDry 60g

Last night I got bitten really bad while out walking. I put Bebebugs when I got in. It's like a miracle balm. No itching and no evidence of the bites when I got up this morning!!! Magical!

-Becky, China

Bebebugs 60g

My pimple marks are gone, ByeSpots ScarRescue is amazing. It'is a Miracle Worker.. Miracle. Worker.

-Anderssen, China

ByeSpots 60g

Since I start the Bebesleep I have not been taking my sleeping pills.


-Betty Kemp, USA

bebesleep 50ml

It's like a Hair Spa! I gpt dandruffy, thick, frizzy hair. It's difficult to maintain.  But when I tried the Bebebalm shampoo bar, ay Winner!

-Rikki Medina, Philippines

Bebebalm Clarifying Shampoo Bar

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Bebebalm safety standards
Bebebalm safety standards
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