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Happy Sleep

Bebesleep by Bebebalm

Plant-based Acupressure massage oil
Loved by Babies, Kids, Moms & Adults with Sensitive Skin

WHAT'S TO LOVE:Calming plant oils designed to be massaged on acupressure points that naturally promote wellness & calm.

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WHERE TO USE: Massage on acupressure points that support relaxation: belly rub, behind the ears, temples, nape & shoulders, or where it feels comfortable.

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We consciously design packaging to be more earth-friendly, compact, and recyclable where we can. We use glass, aluminum and paper packaging. When we need to use plastic, we try to select recyclable ones.

reuniting with sleep

Bebesleep was created by a working mom who did not want to go to sleep. There are so many roles a woman must do--as a mother, a wife, a career woman, a daughter, plus her own personal dreams-- there seemed no time to sleep! But it reached a point when sleep escaped her completely, and she cannot fall asleep even when she wanted. She visited health experts from different disciples and cultures, to explain the importance of sleep and tips on how to help ourselves get better sleep. This resulted in Bebesleep, a blend of aromatherapy massage oil designed for acupressure points, to help promote rest and relaxation.

Little ones 1-3 pumps,
Grown Ups 3-8 pumps (start with 3 -4 pumps).
Massage all over the body. For better results, massage on acupressure points that promote calm and wellness before sleep. 

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Bebesleep acupressure points[ BS50 CN&EN] 20220107_BS ACUPRESSURE en WIX.png

Aluminum bottle 50ml
Compact enough for travel,
but can last for months.

bebesleep 50ml
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*No approved therapeutic claims. Bebebalm moisturizers do not contain medicine. If symptoms persist or if there are signs of infections see a doctor.
Like all skincare, try on a small area of the skin first to check for sensitivity or allergies. We use gentle ingredients, but every skin is different. If you have allergies to specific ingredients, check the full label before use.

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