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Bestest First Aid Kit

When things get tough, help comes easy

It's like having a doctor by your side! This doctor-curated, comprehensive Medical and First Aid Kit is organized according to symptom or emergency. Each packet has appropriate tools and simple First Aid instructions to guide you on what to do, and when to rush to the hospital. The OTC medicines have English and Chinese names, so you can easily get replacement in local pharmacies when the meds are  used up. It also comes with a Travel First Aid checklist for OTC medicine essentials for travelling, and what these are for. 


The Bestest First Aid Kit has 4 versions: Adult, Child, Baby, and No-Meds. Tap button for details

No matter how awesome, The Bestest First Aid Kit does not replace a doctor's advice, nor proper first aid training. Make time to learn first aid, and take refresher classes every year. This could save a life. 


*Contents and price may change without prior notice

Baby Kit. A first aid kit that brings joy to your inner OCD, and peace of mind to mommy & daddy. 


 Happy notes

OC heaven

Love love love love love love love love ....I can't describe how I LOVE the first aid kit!!!! So organized! Very OC friendly. :-D I opened and read each and every label on each and every envelope! Mwaaaaaaah!!! 



U should see her face light up when she got the kit

I gave my bestfriend the medkit coz she's prepping a bag for emergency, earthquake etc. U should see her face light up with surprise when I gave her this. When she opened it, wow! Hahaha Thank you!!!!! Ur love and care shows in the kit! Even the others who ordered  appreciate the care u put in the kit. Especially the boys who got them as well :)



Super OK!

Thnx so much. This is super ok!




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