Behave, runny nose & scratchy throat!

Bebebreathe Super

Natural Chest Rub for Impatient people

Bebebreathe helps give quick relief to adults and kids 10 years old and up.  

It is designed to be used together with accupressure. 


Naturally helps unblocks stuffy nose and soothe sniffles & scratchy throat


Calms raw, stinging, sensitive nostrils due to constrant rubbing.


Ingredients naturally help support our immune system.  This promotes healthier bodies.

*Pregnant, breastfeeding, or have kids below 10 years old? Try Bebebreathe Natural Baby Cold Rub



For temporary relief on cough & colds. This does NOT open up nasal passages instantly like wasabi. It works slowly, and works best with some special accupressure massage 



Raw Nose


Dab a thin layer around the dry, flaky, red nostrils. This soothes raw, stinging skin due to excessive rubbing & runny nose.



Soothing Sleep


Rub generously on the back, chest, and the front and back of the neck.




Unblock nose


Dab Bebebreathe on the triangle of the nose (sinuses and under the nostrils).

Rub briskly the sides of the nose with gentle pressure until Bebebreathe warms up. Around 10 seconds.

Use your finger joint to apply firm pressure right under the middle of the nose, while inhaling deeply for around 10 seconds. Use middle or forefinger for adults, little finger on young kids. 

Repeat a few times as needed. The stuffiness will open up in a few minutes. 


Relief for Itchy throat


Rub on throat area and neck to warm up the cold rub and release vapours. 


Then you know that hollow on the base of your neck? DO NOT press there. Just below it there's a bone, apply firm yet gentle pressure there a few times.


Press there whenever there's an urge to cough, for temporary relief.


Soothe Cough & Colds


Rub Bebebreathe on the upper back. Imagine the spine and the 2 lines beside it. Apply gentle yet firm pressure and rub in downward motion to warm and release soothing vapours. Repeat as needed, 


*No approved therapeutic claims. Bebebreathe Super is a cold rub moisturizer, it does not contain medicine. If symptoms persist or if there are signs of infection (ie fever, yellow mucus or phlegm, inflammed and red tonsils), seek medical treatment. 



Originally formulated for a mom's cough and cold, we made it with fast-acting yet gentle natural ingredients. It's made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil , Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Ravintsara, Frankincense that help open airways and support the immune system.

*As with all skin products, before use, test on a small area of the inner arm or leg for skin sensitivity. We use gentle ingredients but every skin is different



Available in 20g jar & 4.5g sticks


Handy for outdoor emergencies

Easily reaches small areas such as sthe skin around nostrils and neck


More spreadable.

Great for massaging larger areas such as the back, chest.


Better than Vicks 

"We've been using Bebebreathe for my 4yo and she likes it better than Vicks. She asks for it every night so I guess it relieves some of her clogged nose."  

-Kryz Cariaga, Shanghai China

It doesn't sting!

"I have been having sniffles for a week. I tried rubbing Bebebreathe on the nose, tip, and throat, really feels better now. 

And it doesn't sting, even when my skin around the nose was very painful and thin due to wiping too much with tissue. So it is really good. I've been rubbing Bebebreathe all the time like a drug addict hahahaha. "  

-Fion Cao, Malaysia

My baby's breathing better

"My16 month old baby Oli had a cold. We tried it and Oli (16 months old) is breathing better. Tried on myself too nice and light :) Just a little seems to already work so that's good." 

-Anna, Shanghai China