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Reviews page is important. We need to find a way to organize these so it is not overwhelming.

For example, do we do a main page with just a few selection of each variant? Then tap to see more?

it opens a subpage for say Bebebalm ByeDry. That page is organized ie sunburn reviews, cold weather reviews, lip reviews.

I am thinking aloud only. You can suggest too.  (see reviews page on wechat. Not the best example, but it is something we've started)


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old reviews. we need to change to new format with photos

I'm a #Bebeliever

Dermatologist Recommended

I started using Bebebalm on my face and lips last night. Superb! Non-greasy feel and skin is soft. You have perfected the formula. 

-Dr. Jesusa Barcelona-Tan MD

International Fellow of Dermatology


Doctor-recommended for eczema & skin sensitivities

I find Bebebalm an excellent product for sensitive skin. We've used it on dry lips and nappy rash and it has worked well for both. I use cloth nappies, it does not seem to have caused any problems with their absorbency nor has it caused staining. I would be happy to recommend it to children with eczema or other skin sensitivities.

-Dr. Debra Chandler MD


My baby's eczema clears in 2 to 3 days

My son had a severe eczema break out at 12 months. He was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and was prescribed steroids. His skin cleared but we did not want him to be dependent on steroids. So we started him on a strict skin care regimen of Bebebalm 2x a day. His flare ups usually clear in 2-3 days. 

-Stef Kramer, Speech Therapist


Miss Saigon's lip care

I use Bebebalm stick as my lip balm. It makes my lips very soft and smooth despite the harsh Swedish winter

-Li Tong

Miss Saigon lead star "Kim"


It's a miracle face cream!

The flaky scars on my face were gone after just a few applications. This is now my moisturizer base before make up, and before I go to bed. 

-Jerri Ng, Editor in Chief

优家画报 Modern Lady Magazine

Shanghai China

Best Eye Make Up Remover

Bebebalm removed the top 3 toughest eyeliners instantly with one smooth glide. It is perfect for make up artists and models who need an instant make up remmover with the benefits of moisturizer at the same time. Quick and easy for shoots and runway! I highly recommend it. 

-Bambi Barcelona

Make up Artist & Beauty Blogger


Bebebugs is amazing

The rashes on my son's hand which as been there for a few months, have been fixed now, u r amazing. It's really helping the baby. 

-Fan Ng, 

Shanghai, China

My Pimply nose cleared in 4 days

I used Bebebugs to a pimple that threatened to give me Rudolph's nose. I applied it twice a day. After just four days, the pimple went away leaving me with a smooth pimple-free skin! 

-Natalie Yao

Shanghai China

Mi hija no le pico ningun mosquito en todas las vacaciones

(My daughter did not have any mosquito bites the whole vacation)


Shanghai China

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