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Don't Scratch

Do Bebebugs

All-Natural Skin Soother for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Zaps pimples quickly without drying skin


Helps Calm minor skin irritations


Calms food allergy rash


Smoothens and softens flaky, rough blemishes


Soothes scratchy sunburns


Soothes minor kitchen burns


Relieves sting and redness after threading/ shaving


Sanitary pad rash


Bra Rash

Pregnant & Breastfeeding


Soothes itchy skin & belly


Rapid relief on itchy dry crotch & peri-anal area

Bebebugs soothes discomforts due to skin irritations. It naturally helps break the itch-scratch cycle while nourishing skin. Suitable for all ages and all skin types. 


Naturally calms discomforts due to insect bites, rash, heat rash, pimples, minor sunburns & kitchen burns


Helps protect skin when outdoors, while being 

gentle on delicate skin. The natural mild scent makes insects lose interest on you .


Naturally rich in skin nutrients & antioxidants, 

it's quickly absorbed to nourish skin 

deep within. This promotes healthier skin.



Originally formulated as a baby's soothing moisturizer, 

Bebebugs has gotten rave reviews in more skin dilemmas.



Helps soothe and prevent


Itchy puffy insect bites (mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, ants and other itchy bites)


Mild to moderate itchy eczema


Itchy heat rash


Diaper rash


Loosens cradle cap


Massage balm & overall baby moisturizer to promote healthy skin


Disliked by insects 

*No approved therapeutic claims. Bebebugs is a moisturizer, it does not contain medicine. If flares are severe, or there are signs of infections, or if symptoms persists, seek medical treatment. 



It's got a unique blend of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil , Lavender & Neem, pure essential oils & plant extracts.  Boosted with more Lauric Acid. This wonder nutrient gives coconuts & breastmilk their natural skin-loving pow wow. 



Available in 20g, 50g, 100g jars & 4.5g sticks


Handy for outdoor emergencies

Easily reaches small areas such as insect bites, pimples, skin folds, fingertips


More spreadable.

Great for larger areas such as the face, legs, pregnant belly

Wider coverage for outdoor protection


Calmed itchy Chicken Pox & mosquito bites

"I apply Bebebugs on my son's mosquito bites, dry skin, even on his chicken pox! I highly recommend these products."  

-Goldie, Taiwan

Pimple zapped in 4 days

"I applied Bebebugs to a pimple that threatened to give me Rudolph's red nose. I applied it 2x a day-after I washed my face in the morning  & just before I sleep at night. After just 4 days, the pimple went away leaving me with smooth, pimple-free skin, Thanks!

-Natalie Yao, Shanghai China

Heat Rash Hallelujah

"My son's heat rash was really bad last summer, only some potent cream from the dermatologist was able to get rid of it. This year he had minor rashes and since using Bebebugs, they've never flared up. After a couple of applications, within minutes, the itchiness calmed down. It's a relief for both of us :-) 

-Mel Lin, USA

The only insect repellent that worked on my kids

"Bebebugs truly works! My kids often get bitten by mozzies on school grounds. I've tried sprays, patches, lotions but nothing seems to work. I've tried Bebebugs and it's simply amazing. They haven't gotten any bites since. Puts my mind at ease that they're protected from diseases due to insect bites. Smells great and non-sticky too!"  

-Bettina, Singapore

Saved baby from swollen insect bites

"My baby got 13 mosquito bites in one night, almost his entire legs were swollen. A neighbor recommended Bebebugs, the swelling subsided very fast"  

-Xiao Mai, Shanghai China

Cleared my face from Eczema  

"The eczema on my face cleared up after using Bebebugs for 2 days!! This stuff rocks!"  

-Ruth Kuguru, USA

Wonder balms for scaly flaky itchy rash

I had this scaly rash on my torso due to the cold weather & thermals that don't let skin breathe. After shower I applied Bebebugs first, followed by Bebebalm. It wasn't itchy the following day, and gone in 3-4 days. They feel so good and smell so good. I love them so much I always have a stick in my bag!"

-Junnis Martinez, Shanghai

Bebebugs works on itchy food allergy! 

"It was a lifesaver during our Christmas Holiday in Europe. My friend had itchy red rash puffed all over her face & hands after eating prawns. She can't stop scratching. Good thing I always carry Bebebugs stick, for insect bites & as an emergency moisturizer. We didn't know if it'll work on food allergy, we tried anyway. Wow within an hour her skin is back to normal!"  

-Krystie Koh, Singapore

Insect bites stopped itch and swelling 

"I had a couple of insect bites that itch and swell really bad. I used all kinds of creams but they didn't work. I only had to use Bebebugs once, all the swelling and itching stopped. Great product. It's not only for babies but for adults too. Totally recommend it!"  

-Irene, Singapore

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