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Sleep happy!




Acupressure Sleep Oil  for Sensitive Skin




Sleep happy. Wake up happy. Bebesleep combines gentle aromatherapy with acupressure

to help promote relaxation for mind and body. For friends of all ages.



Naturally helps relax and calm

with gentle essential oils for sensitive skin 



Designed to be massaged on

acupressure points for happier sleep



Naturally rich in skin nutrients & antioxidants, it's quickly absorbed to nourish skin deep within. This promotes healthier skin.



Acupressure Massage oil that helps promote deep sleep and relaxation. Spray 30  to 60 minutes before intended sleep time.

Do yourself a favor: Commit to Sleep.

If you wish to sleep better, try not to keep fighting off sleep. Your future health thanks you. 

1. Switch off all electronic devices, mobile, computer, lights, and other distractions. One hour before sleep.

2. Schedule your worry. Are you the type who, when your head head hits the pillow, your mind keep running with ideas, unfinished tasks, to-do lists? Turn off that mental switch. Tell yourself, "I'll deal with this tomorrow. Now, it is time for sleep. Good night self!"

3. Try some of these Bebesleep acupressure tips that promote sleep. 

Babies. 1-2 sprays



Spray once on front and back of shirt's chest area.

Test on small area of the fabric first and launder immediately after use, to test if it won't stain.




Adults 5-8 sprays


Belly rub. Spray on palms. Rub belly in slow, gentle but firm clockwise downward motion.

Spray on the back of the ear (perfume point), then use two fingers of each hard to apply firm but gently pressure. Massage in circular motion. 

Temples. Apply Bebebsleep on the fingertips. Massage temples in firm but gentle circular motion.


Relaxing. Massage on nape, neck, wrist perfume points.


Breathe in. Spray on palms, rub together, then cup hands over nose and mouth and inhale deeply and slowly. 

Try the acupressure massages for kids on yourself too.


Young. 1-3 sprays

You can massage on different parts of the body, no need all at once. Kids could be ticklish, so be gentle. Based on reviews, 1 to 3 sprays total is usually enough.

Soles of Feet. Spray on palms, gently rub on soles of feet and use your thumbs to massage the soles.

Belly rub. Spray on palms. Gently rub in slow, clockwise downward motion.

Vertical leg rub. Spray on palms. Put a palm on each side on the leg, while the kid is lying down. From upper leg, rub straight down to the feet, in downward direction (NOT rub up and down), Repeat until kid calms down.

*Video and picture demos to follow

*No approved therapeutic claims. Bebesleep is a moisturiing massage oil, it does not contain medicine. If symptoms persists, seek medical treatment. 



It's made with Neroli, Valerian Root, Lavender. Ylang Ylang, and a gentle  blend of relaxing essential oils



To follow


"I would like to share my experience with you. I have been struggling to sleep for a few months but I finally got over it.
I used one Bebesleep spray on my wrists before I sleep. After a while I was relaxed and fell asleep. It's been only two days since I tried but it is working well for me. :-)"  
-Mamiko, Shanghai China 

"I'm here to say that Bebesleep + red wine = I will have to rewatch that movie as I fell asleep immediately.
I rubbed two sprays on my stomach and one on my wrist that I rub into the back of my knees
-Jessicat, Shanghai China

"Thank you Bebesleep. My daughter knock down just a few minutes I sprayed on her pillow and pj. She usually sleeps around 11 but last night she's already sleeping at 9pm and woke up so happy :-) My girl is 3 years old.... usually she will wake up around 2am or 3 and will ask for milk or go to pee but last night never happened.... she sleeps deeper and longer than before :-)." 
-Gel, Philippines

"I have enough success with it that I believe in Bebesleep! I only recently tried the spray on myself and it really seemed to help me attain deeper sleep - which is what I desperately need. I got more deep sleep than I have in a long time.
My kids also enjoy me rubbing it on their bellies"
-Jen J-K, Shanghai China

My mind was churning out random stuff again (the reason for my insomnia lol) but I fell asleep anyway. Yay! I used this last night! I applied 2 sprays each on my temples, upper back, sides of the upper neck area, and on the soles of my feet. I felt drowsy after 15-20 minutes. "
-Aaron, Beijing China

"Yes. Love the spray. Totally believe it works to soothe tired muscles too. Have you considered using Bebesleep for massaging tight muscle spots? I used it on a terrible shoulder ache last wkn and massaged it in quite a bit cuz I was quite desperate. and i think. it seems to loosen the muscles.

For sleep, I tried another method which was to put the oil in hands, rub them and smell them as I sleep.It knocked me out
-Janel, Singapore

"My daughter says it helps her from having bad dreams ;-) ;-) She's a fan of Bebesleep. She has sweet dreams she says."  
-Ping Lau, Shanghai China

"I tried it lasts night and I had quite a deep sleep - still in the subway right now and running late for my first appointment :-)  I wasn't sure if I need to smell Bebesleep though to make me fall asleep because i had a bit of cold (had to apply vicks) and it took me longer to get sleepy. But once I fell asleep it was quite deep - will try it again without the vicks tonight ;-D"   
-Regina, Shanghai China

"I use it too!! One spray on my pillow and also slept through. Will try again as yesterday was a frantic day."
-Audrey, Shanghai China

Baby slept longer in one stretch
"First try with baby last night. 9 month old, still a frequent feeder. I sprayed two times on her pyjama, chest belly area. She ended up sleeping from 21:30 to 3 in the morning in one stretch, which has not happened in a loooong while. After short feed she fell asleep again and slept till 6 when my alarm woke all of us. Hoping for a repeat performance tonight. "  
-Maria, Shanghai China

"It's making my son pass out in record time. My son is absolutely 'addicted' to the spray (were just finishing up a small bottle). He loves me rubbing it into his belly at night"  

-Jessicat, Shanghai China

Within 15 minutes both kids were fast asleep
"New sleep blend is going well! As we were out today I thought the kids would be super tired but by 8:30pm they were still causing chaos. So I applied the blend and within 15 minutes they were both fast asleep."  
-Jen J-K, Shanghai China

"I think the scent helps you relax as well"  
-Tony Jaw, Canada

"I let my kids use it and I love using it as part of our bedtime routine. Seems to calm them down and go to sleep quickly. However, this is not my main problem and no change in waking up at night or getting up too early so far. "  
-Anika, Shanghai China

"Awesome! I am loving it and I find it very useful as a break from natural sleep remedies. I am sleeping through the night - although on most days I wake up by 5am but I am not awake at 2am looking at the ceiling. And because I sleep through I feel well rested."  
-Edit Ford, Shanghai China

Coffee Challenge
2018 April 19
"I am putting Bebesleep to real test tonight. I had more coffee than usual - I am pathetic with caffeine really - so let's see if I will be u at night"

2018 April 20.
"So ... I woke up in the night but surprisingly went back to sleep fairly easily - probably up less than 30 minutes oppse to hours when I am up at night .
8 pumps is enought. 5 is too little. If I use 10 pumps that's too much and next morning I feel groggy and a bit slow as surprising as it is. "  
-Edit Ford, Shanghai China

I like this relaxing ritual at the end of the day

"I used Bebesleep only twice on my 3 yrs old so. He was always a bad sleeper! And still wakes up at night. The last couple of weeks he was going through a rough phase with separation anxiety (although he's in kindergarten for 1.5 years now and quite happy there.) He even woke up crying in the night when we were around him etc. So I thought I should give Bebesleep a try.


Used it on monday and yesterday, after showering. One pump on his belly and massaging him in clockwise for several minutes ("mommy what is smelling so ugly here? ;-D Must be the valerian)  and spread it over his chest to his neck so the smell is lighter. Then I put one pump on each foot and also massaged it.  told him to relax and enjoy and he really did. ;-)


I like this part at the end of the day. Reminds me when he was a baby and I did baby massage... Anyway.


Results: he fall asleep quite well, slept quiet, not too much moving and not waking up stressed and sweated. In the morning, he woke up happy, rested, and smooth. Which he also was through the day. That's it so far :-D"

                                                         -Bine, Shanghai China

(Team's note: We have revised formulation to address the "ugly smell". Bebesleep smells like pretty, fresh sheets now.)

Relaxes me and my 4 year old relax
"We have been using the Bebesleep stick for a few times, as I swipe it on my 4 year old daughter, it sort of have a massaging function which helps to relax her, especially she has the "crazy legs" before going to sleep. She likes the smell too, she puts on both he palms and rub together and smells it, taking deep breaths which is also very helpful to calm her. It helps me too.
-Michelle Nocom, Holland
(*Team's note: Stick balm was limited edition. Contents of both spray and stick are similar, just different formats,) 

Chronic late sleepers rejoice.
"My friend said Bebesleep spray worked!! 
And my niece in Indonesia told me the Bebesleep stick seems to help her sleeping." 
-Eva, Indonesia

"Bebesleep really works for my 22 mo. toddler. I tried 2 days in a row, massage her soles of feet with the oil (I didnt put anywhere else) and she slept after 10 minutes. Today I tried without any oil,after 15 mins she was still talking ;-p then finally she slept after 20 mins. So I guess tthe oil really calms her down :-D"
-Laura Dun, Shanghai China

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