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What good is your baby monitor and first aid kits, if you don't know how to do proper first aid in an emergency? That's why we organize private First Aid Classes that covers more baby and child-related emergencies.


The class is taught by a doctor. It is designed for parents and caregivers. All basic first aid for adults are covered, plus a special focus on common emergencies for infants and children. Ideally, all members of the household must take a First Aid class. At the very least, the parents and the primary caregiver of the child (ie grandparents or nanny) must learn these important knowledge. Better be safe than sorry.  


The class can be in English, Chinese, or Bilingual. It lasts 3-4 hours, depending on the group.


You can organize your own private group. Or sign up as an individual and we'll form a group with other participants. For queries or suggestions, wechat us at +86136 2179 6710 or email cbongga (at) yahoo (dot) com

First Aid + CPR

You'll learn first aid for common emergencies encountered by urban families. We pay special attention to infants & children issues, but adults first aid are also covered, of course. 


CPR for babies, kids, adults

Choking- Heimlich Maneuver

Head Injury


Cuts, Wounds, Bleeding






Knocked out tooth


Common Illnesses

The biggest killers of children ages 5 and below are common illnesses; they are generally preventable. You will learn when you must rush to the hospital, and when you can treat the illness at home. 


Diarrhea & Dehydration

Cough & Flu



Eczema & Rash

China Emergency Tips

China has a unique medical system that operates very differently. For example, an Emergency Room of an adult's hospital does not accept Children nor Pregnant women.


You will learn how to be prepared for a medical emergency in China.

What to do if the 120 Emergency Hotline has no ambulance (yes it happens).

How to build a Medical First aid kit.

Learn the Chinese names of basic OTC medicine. 

And other good to know insider tips. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Where and When is it held?

We believe learning first aid is important, yet it's tough to find good classes in Shanghai. That's why we organize weekend classes during our free time. The group provides the location, anywhere in Shanghai. We can discuss the schedule based on both our availability.


How much is a class?

CNY380 per head, for a group of 10 or more participants. ( CNY700 for couples)

CNY 3800 per group of 10 or less divided amongst participants. 

Children below 12 years old free, when accompanied by parent participants. (Subject to the host's approval)


How long is the class?

It is around 3 to 4 hours, depending on the group's size, language preference, and well, on how many questions your group asks (the doctor tries to answer as much as he can). It can be in English, Chinese, or Bilingual. Keep your whole afternoon free, you wouldn't want to rush through these important knowledge.


What location is appropriate?

Usually a living room is enough, as long as there's a TV or projector.  Some participants volunteer to host, and the savings is passed on to the group. Some groups prefer to rent a clubhouse or community center. 


Can we bring babies or kids?

This depends on the group and on the host's house rules. The teacher does not mind, as long as the class is not being disrupted. 


Do you give special classes to children, offices, or groups with specific needs ?

Contact us with your requirements. 


Do you give certificates?

We do private classes for individuals and parents who want to learn first aid for personal knowledge. We don't give First Aid Certifications. (There's an exam you need to take to get a proper certification in China. People who take this are usually paramedics & lifeguards.)


How do I contact you?

Wechat us at +86136 2179 6710 or email cbongga (at) yahoo (dot) com


Stay safe!


 Happy notes

Certainly recommended to both parents and ayis

Informative and useful course addessing common emergency issues, very valuable knowledge and would certainly recommend to both parents and ayis!

     -Jo Liang, HuaRen Mama


Our whole playgroup are definitely interested

My friend Irene had taken the CPR class and highly recommended it! My friends and I, whom are all parents of toddlers around 1.5 to almost 2 years old are interested in creating a class. 

-Stella, Shanghaimama


Clear, useful but also fun

Hello! I would like to thank Doc Mike and Carol again for the training! It was very clear and useful but also fun:) We spent a nice afternoon together and I will treasure all the new know-how hoping not to use it in the future

-Marianna, Shanghaimama


Great teacher

It was a lovely and educational afternoon. Doc Mike is a great teacher and so happy to answer any questions. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking.

-Jen, Shanghamama



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