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Brush Off Cradle Cap

My baby had these nasty crusty, flaky, stubborn cradle cap that won’t go away. It looks like baby dandruff. It irritated me to look at them more than it irritated my baby. There is no known specific cause for cradle cap, but these red, scaly patches pop from the scalp and face, sometimes even spreading on the neck, ears and armpits.

The solution is fairly simple.

Soften a generous dollop of Bebebalm or Bebebugs between your fingers.

Very gently massage a thick amount on the scalp (make sure it’s on the scalp and not just on the hair). Leave for 15 minutes.

Then gently comb the scalp with a soft brush or fingers to loosen the flakes. Watch them slide off! For really stubborn cradle cap, repeat the following days until all cradle cap are gone.

Some babies got really dry flaky skin on their scalp, and it’s usually eczema (not cradle cap). They need to religiously apply Bebebalm on the scalp as soon as it feels dry; and follow the proper management for rash-prone skin. If the rash is severe, or have signs of infection, seek medical treatment immediately.

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