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Beat Heat Rash in 7 easy ways

Do you notice a cluster of itchy, red bumps (sometimes blistery or pimply) when it’s hot? It could be heat rash. Also called Prickly Heat or Miliaria, Heat Rash is very common when the body overheats. It is not dangerous, but the itch, tender, or prickly pain could make anyone more fussy, cranky, uncomfortable, or have trouble sleeping.

Heat rash happens when excessive perspiration clogs sweat glands, and trap sweat under the skin. It may strike anyone, but babies and young kids are more prone because their sweat glands are less developed. Pregnant women also raise this discomfort, perhaps due to the rise of body temperature during pregnancy.

It usually hits during hot and humid weather. But may happen in winter (too much clothing), or after a fever. It’s strikes on sweaty areas such as the face, back, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, armpits, groin, behind the knees, and skin folds. If you wear a hat, face mask or face shield, it might form where the sweat gathers too.

Beat Heat Rash (7 easy ways)

Cool Vibes (Maxie: alternative english is “Cool Down“)

Lower your body temperature by staying in an air conditioned room, or near a fan. Or at least go to the shade.


Make sure the room has good airflow. Or you might be wearing too much clothing, strip off some layers. For babies, lessen time in a baby carrier or baby seat, if that’s restricting airflow.

Air dry

Raw skin will sting even with the slightest friction. Air dry skin. Or dab (don’t rub) gently the sweaty skin folds with a soft cloth.

Do Not Scratch

Scratching will make skin itchier or may cause scarring. Try soaking in a cool tub with a few cups of colloidal oatmeal. Or get quick relief with a calming, lightweight moisturizer such as Bebebalm Bebebugs Natural Skin Soother.

It’s got nourishing plant oils that are awesome skin soothers, such as premium Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender, Neem, Tea Tree, Chamomile. Whenever it feels itchy, DO NOT SCRATCH. Dab Bebebugs on clean, dry skin, several times daily.

Buff fingernails

Trim and buff fingernails to lessen the chance of infection due to scratching. If it’s a baby, put cotton socks over fists, this stays on better than mittens.

Soften skin

Got dry, sandpapery dots on your skin after heat rash has subsided? Soften skin with Bebebalm ByeDry nourishing moisturizing balm. Dab a thin layer on the skin morning and night, and whenever it feels dry.

Loosen Up

Tight or too-warm clothing can make heat rash worse. Wear looser clothes, ideally natural fibers such as fine wool that helps regulate body temperature. Cotton is also good.

Try these soothing tips diligently for a few days, and feel better!

*if heat rash is severe, see your doctor

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