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Our Love Story

Updated: May 10, 2022

Bebebalm: Born from a Mom's Love and Desperation

Our baby was born with very dry & itchy eczema, his skin's susceptible to irritation. We've tried medicine, moisturizers... nothing helped. At first steroids did, but it thinned out his skin. His skin became so glassy and brittle, to the point that we'd wake up with the baby's blood on the bed sheets.

Eczema has no cure, I learned. So I changed the question, "How can we help skin get healthier?"

Our baby's daddy Doc Mike is a doctor and biochemist. Mama Carol is a traditional remedies geek. We combined Science + Nature to create effective yet gentle, plant based solutions to help sensitive skin get healthier. We wanted a balm to deeply nourish skin, help restore the lost lipid barrier and protect skin from outside irritants. Bebebalm was born.


Bebebugs: A Mother's Wish

Our baby favorite past time was scratching, from mosquito bites to rashes. Scratching worsens his skin, but good luck trying to explain that to the little one. Mosquito season also meant he needed to apply repellents, but we were concerned that these may not be gentle for his skin. Even the natural ones usually contained strong plant ingredients not ideal for young ones, pregnant or breastfeeding. Many also have overwhelming scents, my nose is sensitive and I figured children's noses are delicate too; so I was searching for something mild on the skin and nose.

My wish list: Is there a plant-based moisturizer that can help break the Itch-Scratch cycle? Can it be nourishing to the skin, gentle & safe for the whole family? Are there plants that help protect from bugs but gentle for delicate bodies? Can the scent not be overwhelming to the nose?

Some people laughed and said it's impossible to have all my wish list in one product. So we created Bebebugs.


A Business built by Fans

All our products were created to help a need of a loved one. They were not for sale. We would make extra jars to give to friends and their friends, even to strangers in need. Our fans, who call themselves Bebelievers, persuaded us to sell Bebebalm products to make it readily available to more families. Fans are helping build the business, from helping design packaging, to opening our first ecommerce, to sharing their space in bazaars, to introducing Bebebalm products to their circles. We are grateful and humbled for the trust and support.

What started as a hobby became a purpose. We'd get messages of thanks from around the world on how our products have helped, I gave up my career and took a leap to be a mompreneur. This is our story.

Thank you for your support. Do share your Bebebalm stories with us @Bebebalm Community on Facebook, @Bebebalm on Instagram & Facebook, or email us at . Your messages add fire to our bellies and inspires us to be better.


Mama Carol

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