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Antioxidants-rich plant oils that promotes

skin cell renewal 


Bebebalm ScarRescue has premium skin cell renewing oils such as Helichrysum & Frankincense.

Skin feels finer and velvety smooth in no time.   


Natural skin refining oils 

help blur out the appearance of skin imperfections, blemishes


Helps prevents or lessens the appearance of bumps, bruising, and scarring.


Naturally rich in skin nutrients & antioxidants that skin cells need to renew themselves.




Originally formulated for a mom's post partum scars & stretchmarks, this also works wonders on bumps and bruises in the family.


Naturally helps



Prevent or lessen Bumps & Bruises

Blur the appearance of Stretchmarks

Lessen the appearance of scars

Smoothen Facial blemishes

Refines face and skin



*No approved therapeutic claims. Bebebalm is a moisturizer, it does not contain medicine. If flares are severe, or there are signs of infections, or if symptoms persists, seek medical treatment. 



It's made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil , Helichrysum, Frankincense and Sandalwood. Lovely premium oils that promote skin cell regeneration. 



Available in 20g, 50g, 100g jars & 4.5g sticks


Handy for outdoor emergencies

Easily reaches small areas such as small scars or small facial blemishes.


More spreadable.

Great for larger areas such as the face, legs, pregnant belly


Doctor-recommended for eczema & sensitive skin

"I find Bebebalm an excellent product for sensitive skin. We use it on dry lips and nappy rash and it worked well for both. I use cloth nappies, it doesn't seem to have caused any problems with their absorbency nor has it caused staining. I would be happy to recommend it to children with eczema and other sensitivities. "  

-Dr. Debrah Chandler MD, Australia

Baby's itchy eczema & flaky skin healed in 3 days

"Because of too much baby fat, the folds on my baby's neck had severe eczema. Both her ears also had severely dry flaky skin. I've used a lot of products but they're not so effective, very slow results, her skin was still itchy and she kept scratching in her sleep. When I used Bebebalm, her dry skin visibly improved. Bebebugs also stopped the itching on her neck. Her skin healed in 3 days. Highly recommended!

-Quan, Shangha China

"Such no fuss, no joke skin savers!!! Eto na ang qualified sa Hallelujah! I've been an eczema sufferer for years and have been juggling several dermatologist-prescribed lotions & creams to avoid flare ups. They'd help but don't work fast so I'll have dry flaking skin in some parts by the time the target improves. Since using Bebebalm twice a day, the target improved in 2 days. And didn't have time to spread around. This is for keeps."  

-Ana Felizardo, Philippines

Eye rash gone in a blink

"My eye rash that's been bothering me for ages cleared up in just 5 days of Bebebalm."  

-Calvin Yu, Shanghai China

Wonderful on my Pregnant belly

"I tried other products such as Bio Oil, Cocoa Butter and other creams but they left my skin dry after a few hours. With Bebebalm, my skin feels a lot more supple (especially on the tummy) throughout the day! It also reduced the itching and I hope it prevents stretchmarks." 

-Sheila Viojan, Shanghai China

Viral rash gone overnight

"My little girl had red spots, dry and flaky skin all over when she had a viral infection. The doctor said it should heal on its own but it never faded for 3 months. When I applied Bebebalm, the red spots were gone overnight! It also has improved the texture of her skin. I'm so impressed that I'd like to sell it!"  

-Jojie, Philippines

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