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18 Lockdown Survival Secrets

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Eco-friendly ideas during a lockdown, calamity or prepping. These work in times of plenty when you want to be more eco-conscious.

How are you today? I hope you are still doing okay, as okay can be during these extraordinary times. While many of us are fortunate to have access to group buys, we may have too many of one supply and running low on another. So we asked fellow parents & friends their secrets on how to: Maximize their food and home supplies. Keep food fresh for longer. Find alternatives for dwindling supplies that are already in their homes. Here are 18 lockdown survival secrets that are family-tested. Some were even handed down by their grandparents and parents, who went through typhoons, wars, and other times of scarcity. These are great ideas to be more eco-friendly too, beyond the lockdown.

Make tap water potable

1. Filter sediments. Put layers of cheese cloth or clean Tshirts over a pot. Disposable coffee or soup filters work too. Or tie cloth directly on the faucet.

2. Boil for 1 minute, starting from the point water reaches a rolling boil. No need to boil longer, water will just evaporate.

Extend Drinking Water

Reserve bottled water for drinking. Use filtered tap water for cooking soups, rice, and dishes that can mask the taste of tap water.

Infant Formula Alternative

When a baby turns 1 year old, full cream milk is enough. Fresh milk or powdered milk are both okay.

Lock Freshness of Veggies

Retain the texture & flavors of fresh veggies 1. Clean & Chop. 2. Blanche. 3. Ice bath to stop cooking. 4. Air dry then put in ziplock bags 5. Freeze.

Slow down ripening

Slow down ripening of bananas by wrapping the crown with foil. Store apples and tomatoes separately from other fruits & vegetables.

Salvage Over ripe fruits Over ripe fruits are traditionally used to make breads, muffins, ice cream, or jam. These come out tastier than using normal fruits.

Vegetable peel stock

The top and tips of carrots, raddish, hard stalks of brocolli, and clean vegetable peels can be simmered in water over low heat for hours. Or use a slow cooker. It makes a nutritious, tasty stock for soup, stir fry or other dishes.

Prolong herbs

1. Chop onions, garlic, or herbs. Put in ice cube trays. Fully cover with vegetable oil. 2. Freeze. 3. Transfer frozen herbs in a container so tray can be reused. 4. Defrost as needed. This works wonderfully for baby purees too.

Extend Meat by stewing

Extend the flavor of meat by cooking stews. Add corn, carrots, potatoes, or hard boiled eggs. Do not add tomatoes, this spoils very fast once cooked. Make extra sauce and use it as noodle stock. Another dish!

Extend Meat by mincing

1. Grind or mince meat. 2. Mix with the fibers of fruits & veggies from the juicer. Or mince mushrooms or veggies, such as carrots or cabbage Squeeze out excess liquid. 3. Season to taste, for burger, meatballs, or spring rolls. 4. Mix with egg and starch. 5. Shape and freeze.

Keep leftovers fresh Extend the life of soups and stews. 1. Bring to boil before storage. 2. Cool down with the lid open, not longer than 2 hours. 3. Transfer to single serve containers . 4. Refrigerate or freeze.

Save on Toothpaste Don't let the toothpaste ads fool you. The proper amount of toothpaste needed is just the size of a pea. If you run out, make toothpaste using baking soda and water. Or gargle with salt water.

Reduce Dishwashing Liquid

Greasy pans? Boil tap water in them to strip off the grease and use less detergent. Save the Rice washing! The water used to soak and wash rice is traditionally used to clean seasoned woks, without stripping off its flavors.

Vinegar Home Cleaner

Use equal parts of cheap vinegar and water for a strong disinfectant cleaner. 1 :2 parts vinegar & water for an all-purpose cleaner. The smell of vinegar will be gone once it evaporates. Want a nicer scent? Add citrus fruit peels or a few drops of essential oils.

Baking Soda Laundry

Replace half your laundry detergent with baking soda. Or use one cup of baking soda for a batch of regular-sized wash.

Multi-use Skin protectors

Chapped lips? Diaper care? Very dry, rough, or itchy rash-prone skin? Itchy bug bites? Burns? Bebebalm natural skin rescue products are wonderful multi-use nourishing balms that soothe & protect skin.

Pickle ginger & vegetables

1. Clean & chop ginger or other veggies.

2. Rub salt all over. Set aside until its water seeps out.

3. Squeeze out the water. Put in a clean air tight bottle and Refrigerate.

Regrow herbs in water

Don't throw those old onions & garlic that has sprouted. Put them on a bottle near a sunny window, Add water, only until the bottom part of the bulb. Replace water every 3 to 5 days. When the leaves reach 3-7 inches, you can cut and cook. Leeks, green onions & leafy veggies with roots can be regrown too.

We hope you got some helpful ideas . Do you have Lockdown Survival Secrets on your own? Do let us know. Share this article and help more families cope. Thank you!

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