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Kid Emergency Flowchart

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

In case of a Child-related Emergency, does your caretaker or family know what to do or which hospital to go? In Shanghai (and possibly in China and some parts of the world), you can't just bring a kid or pregnant woman in any hospital, even in an emergency. Particularly in an emergency. Some hospitals with pedriatric ER treat kids emergencies but not trauma cases. Some hospitals cannot treat at all. Only two hospitals in Shanghai are allowed to treat all children's cases.

Lauren Ullman, a mom who participated in our First Aid & CPR class, created this awesome Kid's Emergency flow chart for her caretaker and family use. This could be helpful for those living in Pudong, Shanghai. (Thanks so much Laura for sharing!)

If your'e living elsewhere, you can create your own Emergency plan. Just check the nearest hospitals on areas you frequent. Such as your home, school, and workplace. We have compiled a list of hospitals for those living in Shanghai.

Last updated on Dec 2, 2017. If you're downloading this, kindly check your neighborhood for updated info.

This is based on the expat contributor's personal hospital preferences. We do not make hospital recommendations. Do create a list based on your needs.

If you've done an Emergency flowchart or list in your area, do share with us. The community thanks you!

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