Very good on my baby's two red, very dry, very rough cheeks


P.S. 因为油里没有防腐剂,擦的时候不要用手沾,要用棉签。


Translation: My baby is 4 months old, her cheeks has always had two red, very dry, very rough circles. I don't want to use just any moisturizer, I'm afraid they may contain bad chemicals. When I found out that Bebebalm is made with natural ingredients, I let the baby try a little. After a few days of application, the effect is very good. And the good news is, the baby smells like a small coconut. Since then I think coconut oit is a very wonderful thing, you can put it on the skin and can also eat it. *

OS. Because the balm does not contain preservatives, don't stick your finger in it, use a cotton bud instead.

*Editor's note. Bebebalm is a skin moisturizer. It is not edible. No matter how tempting, do not eat. (The balm nor the baby).

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