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5 Natural Ways to Avoid Being a Mosquito Buffet

There are many theories why some people attract more insects than others. Some say mosquitoes prefer certain blood types. Some say they're attracted to warmer bodies. Or to children. Or to certain scents. Or it's just plain tough luck. Fortunately there are many ways to naturally deter mosquitoes and bugs without resorting to the big bad DEET.


Eating lots of garlic or cinnamon is said to repel biting insects, which dislike the scent and stay away from you.


Wear loose fitting long sleeves and pants. Mosquitoes will have a harder time snacking on you.


Stay away from strong floral and fruity scents, they advertise to hungry insects, "Eat me! Eat Me! ME!"


Pure essential oils and plant extracts such as Lavender and Neem naturally repel insects and are gentle to babies and young children. But natural ingredients and essential oils do not mean they are automatically safe, especially to pregnant women, babies and young children. (Remember bee stings and poison ivy are natural too.) For children 10 years old and below, refrain from using Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Clove.


This is a lightweight moisturizer and natural itch eraser, made from a top secret blend of Lavender, Neem and other baby-gentle pure essential oils and plant extracts. The mild scent naturally repels many biting insects by making the biting insects lose appetite in you. When used as a moisturizer to nourish skin, Bebebugs repels insects too!

Bebebugs was originally formulated for babies. So as an insect repellent, it is extra mild on skin and easily washes off. Apply 2-3x a day. Reapply whenever you sweat. Adults who aren't sweaty have used Bebebugs effectively to help repel insects. For those who sweat like a hostage, we suggest using a stronger insect repellent.


Bebebugs is amazeballs in giving rapid relief to itchy insect bites (such as mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, ticks, ants). Simply dab a thin layer on fresh bites and forget about it. Reapply as needed. This nourishing itch eraser also soothes itchy eczema, diaper rash, pimples, minor burns and sunburns, chaffing, and other itchies or ouchies.

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