Bebebalm works for heat rash really well. The bumps with pus went away after one application

Singapore, Singapore July 16, 2013 8:38pm

We’ve been putting Bebebugs every evening when we go for our stroll. So far I can’t tell if the Bebebugs works but I think so as no bites. But the Bebebalm works for heat rash really well! He had a few bums with pus and it went away after one application. And no more new pus. U have very good products babe!

Thank u babe!

Mylene Ong, Strategic Planner


翻译: Bebebalm 对于痱子非常有效!他之前屁股上有一些疹子, 但是使用了一次后,就好转了。并且没有再复发。你的产品真的很赞!

#bebebalm #pusblisterorswelling #heatrash #insectrepellent #babykids

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