My pregnant belly feels a lot more supple throughout the day

I’ve only started using Bebebalm and I think it really does the job of moisturizing the skin! Tried other products such as Bio Oil, Cocoa butter and other creams but it leaves the skin dry after a few hours. With Bebebalm, my skin feels a lot more supple (esp on the tummy) throughout the day! It also reduced the itching and I hope it helps prevent stretch marks! Thanks so much again.

Sheila Tan-Viojan, Operations manager,

Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers

Shanghai, China

翻译:我开始使用Bebebalm 倍蓓棒护肤品时,我认为它确实有滋润肌肤的功能!试用过其他产品,如Bio Oil,可可脂和其他药膏,但数小时后,皮肤还是很干燥。使用Bebebalm后,我的皮肤整天滋润也减少了搔痒。我希望它有助于预防妊娠纹!

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