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Really love the Bebebugs. Kids not getting bites anymore! They apply to school everyday.


“Really love the Bebebugs. Kids not getting bites anymore! Using up fast – They apply to school everyday.”

“Bebebugs truly works! My kids often get bitten by mossies on school grounds and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried spray and patches and lotions but they still get bitten. Decided to try Bebebugs after reading about it and it’s simply amazing! They’ve not gotten any bites since! Puts my mind at ease knowing they are protected while away from home and not be exposed to diseases from bites. Smells great and non-sticky too! :-)”

-Bettina Feng, Broadcast Producer

翻译: 真的喜欢Bebebugs 倍蓓保护肤品。孩子都没有被蚊子叮咬了!用得快,他们每天上学都用。

Bebebugs 倍蓓保护肤品真管用!我的孩子时常在学校场地被蚊子叮咬。我已经试过喷涂,蚊水,蚊贴和乳液,他们仍然被咬伤。阅读贝贝保简介后,决定试用它。 孩子从此都没被叮咬了!倍蓓保的气味香而不腻呢!这简直是太棒了!

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