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Bebebalm worked wonders during the Polar Vortex in NYC

Taipei, Taiwan

When I visited New York City earlier in January of this year, the famed Polar Vortex has been at its peak across much of North America and was hitting NYC hard. Freezing temperatures dipping to below 13 degrees celcius and biting winds were wrecking havoc on my skin. Chapped lips, cracked skin all over my legs and torso, sandpaper hands, these were all courtesy of the Polar Vortex. I did however have a can of Bebebalm and it worked wonders to soothe the itchiness and cracking I was experiencing all over my body. The effects were almost immediate! I particularly liked the coconut oils in Bebebalm as it soothed and smoothened away my creases and pains. It’s now a regular item in m vanity pack whenever I travel.

Victor Lee,

Shanghai Office Manager, Ronwi

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