Calm the itch, Know the cause

Stop scratching!

It sometimes takes Jedi-force to keep yourself from scratching the itch. But do it you must. "The more you scratch the more itchy it becomes, " advised Dr. Michael Ong, a doctor of Family Medicine at the Sun-tec Medical Center, Shanghai. "Scratching releases histamine in the body, which causes itchiness. Even if you take antihistamine medicine, if you keep scratching, you'll keep itching. Not to mention, scratching damages skin and may cause scarring or darkening. Don't scratch."

Knowing is half the battle

Understanding what causes the itch leads to more effective solutions.


If the itch is caused by extremely dry skin or damaged skin -- such as eczema, flaky dry facial blemishes, diaper rash, chapped lips and skin, winter dry skin, stretched pregnant belly, elderly dry crotch -- Bebebalm will give you instant relief and long lasting protection. Consistent moisturization with Bebebalm also lessens the occurence of these discomforts.

You see, damaged skin leaves micro gaps on the skin barrier, which makes skin moisture evaporate faster and leave skin extremely dry and itchy. Damaged skin also needs to skin nutrients to get healthy. Bebebalm naturally restores skin lipids in the skin barrier, giving long lasting protection. It also quickly goes deep down to nourish skin with much needed skin nutrients, so skin gets healthier. Because healthy skin heals itself better.

On very dry skin, dab (do not rub) a generous layer of Bebebalm on the area as soon as skin feels dry. For skin maintenance, a very thin layer of Bebebalm twice a day is typically enough.


Baby skin and people with sensitive skin are easily irritated upon contact with irritants. The irritation are commonly caused by pollution, ingredients in a skin product, fragrance, or even packaging. Bebebalm is made with very gentle, baby-safe ingredients. It's made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and boosted with more Lauric Acid. This coconut-derived wonder ingredient is also abundant in breastmilk, and has natural antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral & antipuritic properties. Bebebalm has No Paraben, No Fragrance, and is Non-Pore clogging. Babies and adults with sensitive skin find Bebebalm very gentle on their skin.


Bebebugs gives rapid relief for itchy puffy insect bites, itchy heat rash, itchy eczema, minor skin allergies or other itch not caused by dryness. Bebebugs is a nourishing moisturizer that has a top secret blend of itch-calming pure essential oils and plant extracts. This lightweight formula is gentle even on babies as young as 3 months old.

For best results, apply Bebebugs on fresh insect bites or rash. Reapply as necessary. (Bebebugs moisturizer also helps repel insects, which lessens your chances of insect bites in the first place!)


First of all, DO NOT POP THE PIMPLE. Use all your superpower strength to stop your fingers from squeezing your pimple. That will leave permanent scars, pit marks and darkened spots.

Several user reviews have been consistent that Bebebugs quickly zap itchy pimples. Usually a pimple dries out in 3-4 days. Itch quickly subsides on initial application. When you consistenly dab it on a pimple, the head will be drawn out in a day or two. Keep applying and the pimple will start drying up in a few more days. Bebebugs' special blend of Lavender, Neem and other plant ingredients help lessen scarring and flaking blemishes too.


Oohhh, minor sunburns and burns do get painful. Then get itchy as they heal. If it's a first degree burn or sunburn, cool down skin, cleanse the area, then dab (don't rub) a thick layer of Bebebugs immediately. Keep reapplying as needed, especially on a sunburn to promote healthier skin and lessen the chance of peeling.

On 2nd degree burns, cool down the skin, cleanse the area, then apply an Antibiotic Cream. Do not pop the blister. You may apply Bebebugs afterwards to promote healthier skin, but do not apply on an open wound.

On 3rd degree burns.... WTF are you still reading this?! Go to the hospital immediatey!


Actually, itchy elderly skin is usually caused by dryness. The face gets dry, rough or thin. The crotch area also easily gets itchy, although people often assume this itchy discomfort is part of growing old. It is actually preventable, or solvable, if it's caused by roughness or dryness.

You can try nourishing skin with Bebebalm or Bebebugs, or layer Bebebugs then Bebebalm. But if itchiness is caused by something else such as a disease or blood problem, better go to your doctor.


If itch is caused by Diabetes, Hepatitis, kidney disease or other disease, most likely it won't be soothed by moisturizers alone, no matter how awesome they are. Ask your doctor how to manage your disease, and the discomforts will usually subside.

More Natural Itch-soothing Tips


This is heaven for chicken pox, and other really itchy discomforts. Sprinkle 2 cups on a bathtub of warm water (NOT HOT). Soak for 10-15 minutes, not more. Do not rinse. Apply Bebebalm or Bebebugs on damp skin and air dry (or pat dry with a towel).


Make a thick paste and dab on top of the itchy areas. This mixture will pull some of he toxins out and provide relief. Apple Cider Vinegar or distilled whilte vinegar would do. Brush off when paste gets dry, then apply Bebebalm or Bebebugs for longer lasting itch protection.


These mentholated or "hot" essential oils also calm itch on adult skn. But DO NOT use Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Menthol, nor Rosemary on children BELOW 10 years old. Never ever use these on babies. Never use these oils neat, even on healthy adults.

Hope these help! Again... STOP SCRATCHING!

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*These tips do not replace medical advice nor treatment. If there are signs of infection or if symptoms persist, go see a doctor and get medical treatment.

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