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Run your fingers on your back. Now on your face. Now on your back. Does your fingers glide smoothly on your silky soft skin? Or do you feel rough dry patches, bumpy black heads, acne and backne?

It's your lucky day, because we've got tips that work. This beauty tip is from Miss Universe Dayanarra Torres. And if it's good enough for a beauty queen, it's good enough for me! This really works for me!


Yes, table sugar. It's a wonderful exfoliator, plus it's naturally rich in AHA. Simply scoop a spoonful of fine white sugar on your palm. Wet your face or skin with warm water to "open" pores. And very gently rub the sugar in circular motion. If it's your first time, it might feel scratchy so rub softly. You can also add more water to soften the sugar granules. Rinse with cool water to "seal" pores. Pat dry with a towel and glow like a beauty queen!


Exfoliating is lovely, but it may make your skin dry or feel tight. Make your face or skin feel extra soft and hydrated. Apply a very thin layer of Bebebalm within 3 minutes after rinsing. This will lock in the most moisture in your skin and throw away the key. Plus, skin gets nourished with skin nutrients.

Do the sugar exfoliation once a week max. And moisturize with Bebebalm twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. And enjoy a smooth, backne-free back and blemish-free face.

*No approved therapeutic claims.


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