Bring life back to flaky, dry zombie face

The zombie invasion happens to our faces every winter. The skin on our faces-as well as other exposed parts- get really dry and rough. Sometimes it gets flaky, scaly patches and blemishes. For some unlucky people who live in highly polluted areas or in places with harsh weather, this could be a year-round dilemma. Not only could this feel uncomfortably itchy or tight, it seems impossible to wear make up with flaky skin!

The good news is, plants can help bring your skin back to life. Bebebalm super nourishing moisturizer has plant-based ingredients; it's been getting consistently good reviews as a facial moisturizer. Magazine editors, make up artists, doctors use it on their own faces as an intesive moisturizing base.

Bebebalm is the go-to moisturizer for people with sensitve skin, because it doesn't irritate their skin (of course! Because it's intended for babies). It's non pore clogging, no fragrance is added, and no parabens.

Nightly Ritual to combat Dry or Combination Skin

Massage a thin layer of Bebebalm on your face at night within 3 minutes after bathing. Or right before going to sleep. Wake up to soft, dewy, non-oily skin!

*You may also use it as an eye make up remover. Massage a thick layer of Bebebalm on the eyelids or face in a circular motion. Wipe off with cotton in gentle upwards motion. Repeat with Bebebalm until all traces of make up is gone. Skin gets so soft and nourished, there's no need to moisturize again.

Daily Ritual for Really Dry Skin (or dry flaky blemishes)

Massage a thicker layer of Bebebalm on your face at night. Apply a very thin layer in the morning withing 3 minutes after washing your face, to lock in the maximum amount of moisture. Bebebalm is quick absorbing and non-greasy. You can apply your favorite make up soon after.

Draws Pimples Out

Bebebalm naturally helps draw out pimples and cleanse impurities. When you diligently apply it to a pimple, usually the head starts coming out on Day 2. Continue your regimen and watch pimples start drying out by Day 3 or 4. Thus, if you have pimple-prone skin, you may notice some bumps coming out after using it for a couple of days. Keep applying for a few more days to complete the skin cleansing process. If conditions don't improve, stop.

Welcome your skin back to the land of the living! Try Bebebalm.

*Like all skin care products, we recommend testing Bebebalm on a small area of your skin before use, to test for sensitivities. We use the gentlest ingredients we can find, but every skin is different.

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