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"The best Eye Make up remover" - Bambi Barcelona, Techniques Beauty blogger and Make up Ar

Bambi Barcelona, make up artist at large, torture tested the toughest eye liners and masscaras and discovered how Bebebalm wipes them off easily and gently. She also loves Bebebalm as her nightly facial moisturizer.

Excerpts of her review:

"...Bebebalm can also be used as a makeup remover and it’s gentle formulation makes it suitable to remove makeup on the eye and lip area.

As a makeup enthusiast, I tend to wear makeup almost everyday, but, as part of my skin care protocol, it has to be removed once I get home. I usually use Bioderma for Sensitive Skin to remove my makeup, though sometimes I find that certain products can be more difficult to remove using it alone. Especially when it comes to eyeliner and mascara.

Just last night I had difficulty removing my eyeliner and I was quite frustrated because I didn’t want to rub my makeup remover on too hard to get rid of what was left. Rubbing can cause premature wrinkles at my age and I do my best to avoid them.

I then remembered that Bebebalm could be used as a makeup remover. I took a cotton swab and rubbed it on some Bebebalm to remove my eye makeup and it instantly removed what was left in one smooth glide. To say the very least, I was very impressed with it and I highly recommend it as a makeup remover.

*It’s perfect for makeup artists and models who need an instant remover with the benefits of moisturiser at the same time. Quick and easy for shoots and runway!

Another way to use Bebebalm is as a night moisturiser. The product is made of Virgin Coconut Oil in a hardened form. The first time I used it as a night moisturiser I noticed that it doesn’t make your face feel as oily because it gets absorbed immediately. What I loved about it was that the next morning I noticed my skin tone was a lot more even, my skin looked very luminous, and it felt soft and smooth. I’ve been using it as a night moisturiser ever since. I place the product after either using a facial mask or serums. The product is made of oil so it’s best placed last before bed.

A lot of Bebebalm users actually use it as a lip balm such as myself and Sweden’s lead star for Miss Saigon, Li Tong. The smell is absolutely delicious, you would be tempted to eat it. It instantly softens chapped lips and it leaves a glossy look as well.


1. Its natural ingredients are perfect for the health conscious beauty.

2. Its small size makes it portable, perfect for travelling or lugging in your bag or pocket!

3. It has several uses beauty and health-wise for babies, teens, mommies and the rest of the human population.

4. It has several testimonies from women all over the world saying that it works wonders. You can view them here

5. The effects are almost immediate!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review. The contents of my review are based on my personal experience of the product and may not necessarily be what you would experience though I highly doubt that.


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