Repel insects without Repelling people with overwhelming scents

Shanghai has the biggest, meanest, mutant-class mosquitoes I've ever seen. I was worried that my baby would have to suffer their itchy monster itchy bites. I wished there was a moisturizer that will help his itchy eczema and at the same time repel insects. And be safe for babies. And please not have an overwhelming scent because I've got a very sensitive nose (and I assume a baby's nose would be even more sensitive!)

I couldn't find one that fits all my needs. Majority of natural insect repellents contain eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon or other ingredients not recommended for kids 10 years old and below, nor are they suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. Most of them also got a very strong scent that immediately make me sneeze or my nose go runny.

I decided to formulate my own for my baby. To do this, I had to change the game. Many insect repellents simply mask the human scent, thus you get an overwhelming scent. Bebebugs works differently; it makes biting insects lose interest in you. That's why it's got a mild scent yet you don't become an insect buffet.

To my surprise, my baby stopped scratching his itchy eczema and it cleared up fast! People who've tried it initially as an insect repelling moisturizer excitedly told us that it quickly relieved all sorts of itch and puffiness: such as heat rash, wool rash, pimples, food allergy rash, sunburns, and itchy puffy insect bites (mosquitos, ticks, spiders, and mystery insect bites). I feel so humbled. Someone up there loves me.

To repel insects, rub Bebebugs between palms and spread a thin layer on all exposed areas until it's fully absorbed. You can use it on the face, just be careful it doesn't get inside the eye or on the mouth (tastes a tad bitter). Use 2-3x a day and reapply when you sweat. You MUST REAPPLY when you SWEAT or get wet. It is made to be extra gentle and to wash off easily.

This is originally formulated for our baby*, but everyone can use it. But if you're the type who sweat like a terrorist in front of Jack Bauer, we suggest using a stronger insect repellent instead. Or just dab Bebebalm on fresh insect bites to quickly relieve itch.

There are many ways to go Battle Royale over mosquitos and insects. Tap here for 7 natural and practical ways to slay them all

*Bebebugs is for babies 3 months and up.

As with all skin care, test on a small area of your skin before use.

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