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In the Philippines, Christmas officially ends on the Day of the 3 Kings, which falls on the first Sunday of January. Legend has it, the 3 Wise Men followed an unusually bright star and reached the manger where Christ was born. The 3 Wise Men came bearing gifts fit for a King: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. As a child, I asked my teacher why these 3 gifts? My teacher, just as stumped, said these are expensive gifts. When I started my search for plant ingredients that help with my caesarean section scarring, I stumbled upon the answer. The gifts are apparently fit for a queen. These 3 are precious yet practical for childbirth.

Frankincense & Myrrh promote wound healing. It's possibly why the three wise travelers have them. In biblical times, they were also used to prevent haemorrhage & infection after childbirth.

Frankincense is included in Birthing Kits even in modern times. This precious oil is good for preventing & lessening the look of stretchmarks and scarring. Some women believe this oil promotes brain development of newborns, although there is no scientific evidence yet to back this up. Gold is money during ancient times, something also needed by a new parents. (Especially since they were refugees.)

Health and Wealth. These were truly wise gifts for a new family, don't you think?

Frankincense oil fascinates me, so we combined it with other precious plant oils that promote skin cell regeneration. I was searching for plants that may help smoothen the appearance and feel of my scars and marks, yet gentle enough for my active child's bumps and bruises. After years of searching for the right plant combinations, we've created Bebebalm ByeSpots skin radiance moisturizer. Could this be why some say it's a miracle worker on their face and skin?

May this year bring you renewed skin renewed vigor renewed health.

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