Grex and the 3 bears

My 4 year old was so hyper at 10 in the evening, so I went to their room to tell him a bedtime story. It was the first time he heard the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, and he laid still and listened intently. At the end of the story, he commented that Goldilocks is awesome ("Godila 很厉害呀!“), but why did she run off? I explained the moral of the story, "You should not take things that are not yours without permission. Or others will be mad at you." "But why are the 3 bears mad?” he asked.

I tried to make him understand. "What if Goldilocks broke in our home, slept on your bed, drank your Yakult then ate your french fries?" Grex loves his fries so much, it tops his Favorites List. I am just #2 (I'm not complaining, I've already overtaken the iPad from the #2 spot, since I quit my crazily hectic advertising career early this year.) "Won't you be angry too Goldilocks ate all your fries?"

"No big deal, we'll just buy another one. Ding! Ding! (没关系,再买一个。Ding! Ding!) He likes making bell sounds at the end of his sentences, especially when he makes a punchline. He shrugged, "I can share . Ding! Ding! (我可以share呀。Ding! Ding!"

I wanted to teach my 4 year old a moral lesson. But it turns out I've got a lot to learn from this pure-of-heart.

#babykids #raisingkids

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