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Our founder's the latest Presidential Awardee of the Philippines Office of the President

Woohoo! We are proud of our mom founder Carol Ong. She was featured in a national newspaper, for being the latest Presidential Awardee from the Office of the President of the Philippines. She's the first global Filipina from China and the first Advertising Creative to be bestowed this top honor from her country. The Presidential Awards of Individuals and Organizations Overseas, Pamana ng Pilipino Awards (Filipino Heritage Awards) honors global Filipinos who have brought the country honor & recognition through their exemplary contributions in their field of profession; or who have dedicated their work in the service of the Filipinos in the Philippines or abroad through relief, rehabilitation, and development programs.

This is a 2-year worldwide search that went through 4 stages of judging from public, private, academe, media, and non-profit organization sectors. A shortlist was then submitted to the Office of the President of the Philippines for final judging. Carol has exemplary professional achievements and community service. Her best and proudest works are her 3 children.

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