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6 Ways to Fortify your Skin’s Protection from the Virus

The good news, the virus can’t get through healthy, well-nourished skin. But the frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing necessary these days leave skin very dry, easily breaks, and more prone to infections. It may also make you more prone to hand dermatitis.

Dermatitis, or Eczema, may have different effects on different people. Skin usually feels so dry that ordinary lotions and creams don’t seem to work anymore. Skin feels tight, brittle, and less pliable. Sometimes it is cracking or flaking, itchy, rough, peeling or form blisters. This is a common work hazard among Health Professionals who constantly have to disinfect hands. Extremely dry skin is now on the rise for regular folks, because we are encouraged to disinfect our hands at least 10x daily.

Why choose between clean hands vs healthy hands? We can have both! Let’s keep our skin healthy, strong, and naturally protected in 6 easy, mom-proven ways.

Less Alcohol. Use alcohols or hand sanitizing gels only when you can’t wash hands. They are more drying, and usually add fragrance or ingredients that may be irritating to sensitive skin or skin that’s become too dry.

(For safety reasons, lessen alcohol or alcogel use at home especially near the kitchen or fire. Even if it has dried, it may leave some flammable residue. Stick to hand washing.)

Restore Skin’s Protective Barrier. Nourish and protect your skin with Bebebalm ByeDry Soft Nourishing Balm. It’s a super nourishing balm that locks in moisture to prevent rapid drying or cracking, and naturally helps restore skin’s lost lipid barrier. Ideally, reapply after every hand wash while skin in damp, for skin to stockpile on moisture. Or at least every morning and night.

Use gentle soaps. Every hand wash strips a bit of skin’s protective lipid barrier, so carefully choose soaps that can do less damage. For sensitive skin, we prefer baby soaps or those without added fragrances or harsh chemicals. Try Bebebalm Clarifying Shampoo Bar (yes! It's gentle for skin too, as well as scalp and hair.)

Do Not Scratch. Scratching, peeling, or picking skin will make it worse; it can make it itchier or leave more damage. Instead, break the itch-scratch cycle by applying a natural skin soother. Try Bebebugs by Bebebalm.

Avoid Unnecessary Washing. Ask family members to share housework. Or at least use gloves when doing the laundry, dishes or disinfecting your phone and home. Better yet, dab Bebebalm ByeDry Soft Nourishing Balm on clean hands for extra protection before wearing gloves. Your hands will feel softer after housework!

Limit Hot Water. Hot water dries out skin faster, so stick to warm water. And refrain from washing for over 20 seconds each time.

Check for Infections. If skin feels red, raw, or there are signs of infections, seek medical treatment ASAP.

Keep skin healthy and nourished, without cracks, breaks, or dryness. Because a well-protected skin will protect you well.

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